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We are a self-organised non-profit.

Cosmic Cats Ibiza is a self-organised non-profit initiative that connects with people and organisations who promote animal welfare through rescue efforts of local Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs.

This humane approach prevents suffering among the cats, protects public health, reduces stress on wildlife, and enables communities to redirect desperately needed resources elsewhere.


Are you a land owner or cat lover?

Currently, we have an urgent need to rehome the cats seen on this website as the property has a new tenant with severe allergies and also unable to sustain caring for the cats due to her health problems.

We are desperately seeking partners in Ibiza who have access to land that these cats can relocate to or would be willing to accommodate some type of animal sanctuary for these specific cats. Or alternatively, friendly cat lovers who would be willing to adopt our cats and give them forever homes.


Your donations will help the cats!

Some cats require medical attention or routine medication and your donations facilitate our efforts such as operating costs, food, grooming, and medical. Volunteers would be welcome in order to transport these cats to the TNR organisations.

Our goal is to minimize the amount of unwanted kittens born in the community. We hope to help the regional community manage and reduce our population of free-roaming cats in a humane and sustainable way.

Donate funds

Learn more about our cats that are looking for a new home or for your financial sponsorship


Phobos and Deimos are teenage black adolescent cats. They are constantly in each other's company, playing and rough housing. They are named after the twin moons of Mars. Phobos is the one with the tipped left ear. Phobos and Deimos are quite shy and independent so looking for owners who want a cool pair of outdoor black cats like a satellite system.


Amalthea, reddish in colour just like one of Jupiter's moons, takes up a lot of space. This big and beautiful densely brindled cinnamon calico has white socks and enjoys Ibiza's splendid views, whilst being one of the more friendliest cats in this colony. Amalthea is very friendly and loves affection and cuddles.


Themisto, a young almost patchy dense brindled tortoiseshell cat with white sandals, has a very striking feature. Its cosmic namesake is an irregular satellite and resembles the shape on the face. Themisto is very friendly and sociable and looking for a parent who will love her as much as she is limitless in the love she offers you.


Semele has a very distinctive pattern on its chest that resembles a cross body bag and eyebrows. They are a dense tortie with light brindling. Semele in Roman mythology is called Thyone, which is a moon with an orbital eccentricity just like this feline's features. Semele is likely Themisto's sister and just as loving. She'd prefer to be adopted alongside Themisto.


Ganymede, the fawn-cream dilute patchy calico, lets themselves into the compound and loves making their presence felt. Ganymede's bodacious body reflects on the fact that Ganymede is the largest and most massive of the Jupiterian counterparts, and undisputedly the Solar System's absolute largest moons. Ganymede is an absolute sweetheart that has enraptured the hearts of many.


Iocaste is a very social but chill and svelte panther of a cat. They find the other black (twin) cats can be annoying but are put in stride. Iocaste is a little bit older than the tween black cats and has sparse tufts of white hair on the chest. They would thrive in a home where they would be simpatico with someone seeking a black cat partner in crime. Iocaste loves head rubs. So much.


Pasiphae, a gorgeous fawn-cream diluted brindled tortie, prefers solitude. Its mythological namesake's moon's orbit is irregular in relation to other retrograde satellites of Jupiter. Pasiphae also has really cute paws and white stripes on the tail. Pasiphae can be anti-social and would prefer owners who provide independence and feed them without touching.


A stunning densely patched tortie, Erinome is a young cat who loves solitude. The moon Erinome, is one of Jupiter's smallest moons. Erinome loves sunbathing, going on adventures, and its left whisker pad is orange.


Umbriel is a striking densely brindled cinnamon tortie with statement white tail stripes. A friend of food and foe of Pasiphae's, Umbriel also orbits the perimeter of the compound just like the Uranian moon. Similar to Pasiphae, Umbriel is a bit anti-social and would love a hands-off approach to parenting.
Cosmic Cats Ibiza is a self-organized non-profit initiative who aim to link people to organisations who promote animal welfare through rescue efforts of local Trap-Neuter-Return programs and provide basic medical care. We are also facilitating adoptions by rehoming vagabond cats so they can avoid unnecessary death through accidents or malnutrition.

If you are looking to help, please consider contacting us and donating to help our current galaxy Gatos! We are also accepting volunteers for transport to medical facilities. If you have to land to offer for an animal sanctuary, please also drop us a note; we would love to hear from you!